Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Today's Outfit and Makeup

Today's look

Hello, I hope you have had a good day! I decided this morning that I would post what I wore and my makeup to college because on Wednesdays I go to college for my apprenticeship so that means I can wear comfy clothes (YAY).

 My outfit was pretty simple: a grey cardigan, a lovely peachy lace top and black/grey look soft trousers. I am also wearing "invisible" socks that I would 100% recommend to anyone who wears pumps or dolly shoes.
The makeup I wore today was pretty simple but some days that's all you need! I also needed to make sure i wore foundation to match my face with my tan (I didn't want to apply the fake tan to my face, but I'm tempted to next time).
 The foundation I wore was Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is a foundation that I have a love/hate relationship with like many other people, but after accidentally buying a darker shade this is perfect for my tan! i might have to go into Mac or find another foundation that will suit me for when I am darker. This did last quite a long time and I feel did the job quite well although I don't at all think it "wakes me up - my skin obviously).
 The concealer I used today was the Rimmel Wake Me Up, I used this only because it matches the foundation. In all honestly this concealer is a bit meh, it isn't as good as my Laura Mercier secret concealer or my erase concealer from Maybelline but anything that will help cover my dark circles! (suggestions please)
The mascara I used today was the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara. Again, this is definitely a non repurchase, the brush is awful and makes my lashes clump up on times! I used it this morning to see if my opinion had changed and unfortunately it had not. Next time i think i am going to invest in Benefits They're Real or something similar.

Ah my beloved Mac, this has got to be in my top 5 Mac purchases. In case you didn't know what it was its the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin finish/ Highlighter. I love the product for its texture, the way you hardly need nothing at all but can achieve a highlighted look extremely easy. Also, you do get a lot of product for your money and that's what they great thing I and definitely worth investing in.
I used this all over my face to achieve a bronzed look to match my tan and its Mac's Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark. Again, you can see how much I use this product from the product missing in the middle. I can truthfully say this is worth every penny because I have had it a lot longer than I probably should, but as long as it doesn't go green or start to smell I will use it until it has all gone! this is also perfecting for contouring as its easily blendable
For my eye shadow I used the Loreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow quad, I really like this because it has everything you need to achieve an easy smoky eyed look. The eye shadows are easily blendable and are quite pigmented considering the price. This will definitely be a repurchase and i might even look at what other colours they have available.
The final thing I wore today was my Evas Nude Lipstick by Loreal, I really like this lipstick because it suits me when I have a tan and when I am pale. Also, its really easy to put with any make up look because it will go with almost everything. Although it does need to be reapplied throughout the day its worth it for the colour you achieve.

Please comment below if you use any of the products, or if you have any recommendations for me

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