Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mac Collective Haul (face)

Mac Collective Haul

I thought that for my first collective haul I would post my faviourte make up brand which is Mac! I know that not everyone likes Mac or that it's a "typical" blogger brand, but I do believe they vary in the products they sell e.g. the limited editions so there could always be different things to blog about. I will only do a face collection and will continue with lipsticks and eyeshadow on another post.  
Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15

The first thing I own is the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15. I love this foundation for the looks it can give you, left alone it can give you a lovely dewy look with high coverage or added with a powder it can easily give you a matte look with a good base. However, I know that with it costing £25 some people would be put off, but you get so much product that can last you a long time it truly is affordable.
Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark.

The second thing I own is the Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark. Now let me tell you, when I realised that they said I suited medium dark I was SHOCKED (I am the most palest person ever), but it does in fact suit me because of its natural finish it doesn't look orange nor does it make me look silly, instead its perfect for contouring or an all over bronzed look. It retails at £22 which sounds expensive but ive had this product for a lot longer than I probably should! and as you can see there is only a slight dent in the product. 

Mac Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. 

The Third thing I own is the Mac Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. This is one of my FAVOURITE products, its perfect for highlighting and creates a beautiful finish on your skin. The colours are perfect, white and pink and brown with gold shimmer tones throughout. If you really don't own this you should go and purchase one if you can! It costs £22 and I think this product will last such a long time because you hardly need anything to create such a lovely look. 

Mac Buff Blush

The Fourth thing that I own is the Mac Buff Blush, the colour is a soft muted toned pinkish Peachy colour and is also a matte. I personally think that its quite a good colour for high on the cheekbones for a flush of colour and also the apples of the cheeks. It retails at £18.00 which I think is quite normal for high end blushers. I would definitely repurchases this when it runs out because I think that its an essential in my blush collection. 

Mac Peachy keen Blush

The fifth thing I own is the Mac Peachy Keen Blush. This shade is a Very Baby peach shade. I think its a close dupe to Sleek's Rose gold apart from the mac version is sheer tone and also doesn't have the gold going through it like Sleek's which I prefer. It retails at £18.00 and you get a lot of product. 

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