Saturday, 27 December 2014

Nars Virtual Domination Pallette

Hello, so I recently picked up the new LE palette from Nars and oh boy am I happy! Although the actual delivery service was awful I am totally forgiving because this pallets may be one of her best I own. I love most that it has the classic Laguna bronzer, three blushes in: Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, final cut and a lovely highlighter in MissLiberty. I will post some pictures below of the Palette and one picture of me wearing the Laguna bronzer.

I really do love this palette and I can honestly say that all the colours will be used hell of a lot! I bought mine from the Nars website,but I would recommend if you can popping into store because I had an awful delivery service with Hermes. Let me know if you would use this and what you think

Sunday, 14 December 2014

OCC Lip Tar Matte in Black Dahlia


I recently made an order with Sephora and one of the things I had to buy was the Sephora Give Me More More Lip collection. I fell in love with all of the products that I received and thought it could have made an excellent present for any beauty lover. One of the things that caught my eye was the OCC lip tar because I had heard A LOT about these from other beauty bloggers and was itching to try them out for myself.

I will post a picture of me wearing it below and give my opinion:

 It's quite tricky to apply so you definitely need the brush that comes with it because oh boy does it leave a stain behind - definitely party proof! The colour is beautiful and I literally used the smallest amount, I guess you could add more product to get a darker colour payoff.

However, it does cling to dry patches on your lips and make them darker, but I do have very dry lips in the winter so overall its done a very good job :D

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

outfit of the day

Today I'm at work all day in an office, so I need to make sure I wear something comfortable. I have chosen some black and grey dog-tooth soft trousers (link HERE) and a cream loose top (link HERE). I think this look could be dressed up with a statement necklace and a pair of boots, or down like i have done for a work outfit. As for makeup, I have opted for something that will hopefully last me all day under the harsh air conditioning and something which won't feel too heavy or overdone. The products I have used are:

-          Bourjois foundation in shade 52 vanilla 
-          Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (shade has rubbed off, but would have been the lightest)
-          Urban Decay Eye primer original
-          Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette
-          Benefit They’re Real Mascara
-          Kiko Contour and Highlight in shade 01
-          Mac Crème Cup Lipstick
-          Mac Eyebrow pencil in Spiked

I will post some pictures below:

Photo PhotoPhoto

please leave me a comment on what you wear to work or what you would think would be ideal!

Holly x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Winter wishlist

So after looking online I thought I would put together some of the things I like for Autumn Winter and where you can purchase them if you like them!

First of is a good pair of boots for the colder weather and these really caught my eye from newlook
Black (Black) Black Tassel Zip Side Block Heel Ankle Boots  | 331324401 | New Look
Find them online here

Whilst on the subject of shoes, I saw these and instantly thought "WIZZARD OF OZ", okay well maybe not exactly, I mean after all these are multi coloured glitter and not red, but the idea is there right? How cute would they be with a dress or a skirt?
null (Multi Col) Wide Fit Multicoloured Glitter Ballet Pumps | 320844799 | New Look

Find them online here

Now, moving on to something which will keep me warm when the weather turns sour! I always look forward to buying a new winter coat as it can give you so much style and even be a staple piece, I saw this and fell in love, but cannot justify the price tag it's ridiculous!!! 

Photo 1 of Faux Fur Trimmed Parka Jacket
Available online here

Finally and maybe the best of all: MAKEUP. There suddenly becomes a time when everyone digs out the berry coloured lipsticks and dark coloured nail varnish, I will post a picture of the items and where you can buy them from. 

First off is the Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick and OMG how beautiful does this look? I seriously need to get my hands on it! 
Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick

Available online here

Finally, this is "Ruby" from Atomic Lipstick Makeup Revolution. A red is a great colour for Autumn/Winter and I think you could pair it with a smokey eye or a neutral eye.

Available online here

If you have any comments or know where I could get a lookalike coat like the one from Topshop please leave a comment below!

Thank you

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette

Hello, so for my 18th birthday me and my lovely boyfriend went to London and Whilst we were there we headed to Westfield London shopping centre. Of course I had to pick up some new makeup items to expand my collection! I recently had £10 worth of points with a £50 purchase from the Debenhams beauty card, so I jumped at the chance to get the discount on this wonderful item :D

This new palette from Urban Decay features 5 never seen before shades that are all Matte Neutrals (with a cool taupe base). the final shade, Skimp, is shimmery which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone. I personally love that this palette is cooler because I feel like I can wear it easy and get a whole bunch of new looks with easy blending. Whilst i'm on the subject of blending, it still has the signature velvety feel of the shadow that makes it feel so luxurious and non-creasing, whilst so easy to blend the colours into one another. 

So I will show you the pictures I have captured compared to my last palette. 


The Palette on the left is the original Naked Basics Palette L to R: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Crave.
The Palette on the right is the 2nd Naked Basics Pallette. L to R: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone.

The palette is priced at £22, the same as the original and is available here 

Please leave me a comment on what you think of the new palette and if you would like to see what else I bought whilst I was in London. 

Holly x 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mac Moody Bloom Haul (eyeshadow)

Mac Moody Bloom Haul

When I heard that Mac had a new collection - Moody Bloom, I jumped at the chance to have a look. I was really interested in everything but these two eye shadows really caught my eye. I picked up Artistic Licence which has quickly become one of of my faviourte eye shadows and I also bought Hidden Motive. They both have a veluxe pearl finish which gives them a beautiful shine. 

Firstly and my faviourte of the two - Artistic licence this is described as a Pinky Gold colour, but its so so much more than that! the shimmer is amazing and the colour is so pigmented but at the same time does not crease! I bought these for £13.00 which is pretty average for Mac, but i know I'm going to use it so much. 

The second eye shadow that I bought was Hidden Motive which is a purple with a lovely shimmer through it. The price again was £13.00, but its in the bigger size pot which actually lasts forever. 

I will post some pictures of the eye shadows below and post a eye shadow look with the both colours!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mac Collective Haul (face)

Mac Collective Haul

I thought that for my first collective haul I would post my faviourte make up brand which is Mac! I know that not everyone likes Mac or that it's a "typical" blogger brand, but I do believe they vary in the products they sell e.g. the limited editions so there could always be different things to blog about. I will only do a face collection and will continue with lipsticks and eyeshadow on another post.  
Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15

The first thing I own is the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15. I love this foundation for the looks it can give you, left alone it can give you a lovely dewy look with high coverage or added with a powder it can easily give you a matte look with a good base. However, I know that with it costing £25 some people would be put off, but you get so much product that can last you a long time it truly is affordable.
Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark.

The second thing I own is the Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark. Now let me tell you, when I realised that they said I suited medium dark I was SHOCKED (I am the most palest person ever), but it does in fact suit me because of its natural finish it doesn't look orange nor does it make me look silly, instead its perfect for contouring or an all over bronzed look. It retails at £22 which sounds expensive but ive had this product for a lot longer than I probably should! and as you can see there is only a slight dent in the product. 

Mac Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. 

The Third thing I own is the Mac Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. This is one of my FAVOURITE products, its perfect for highlighting and creates a beautiful finish on your skin. The colours are perfect, white and pink and brown with gold shimmer tones throughout. If you really don't own this you should go and purchase one if you can! It costs £22 and I think this product will last such a long time because you hardly need anything to create such a lovely look. 

Mac Buff Blush

The Fourth thing that I own is the Mac Buff Blush, the colour is a soft muted toned pinkish Peachy colour and is also a matte. I personally think that its quite a good colour for high on the cheekbones for a flush of colour and also the apples of the cheeks. It retails at £18.00 which I think is quite normal for high end blushers. I would definitely repurchases this when it runs out because I think that its an essential in my blush collection. 

Mac Peachy keen Blush

The fifth thing I own is the Mac Peachy Keen Blush. This shade is a Very Baby peach shade. I think its a close dupe to Sleek's Rose gold apart from the mac version is sheer tone and also doesn't have the gold going through it like Sleek's which I prefer. It retails at £18.00 and you get a lot of product. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Today's Outfit and Makeup

Today's look

Hello, I hope you have had a good day! I decided this morning that I would post what I wore and my makeup to college because on Wednesdays I go to college for my apprenticeship so that means I can wear comfy clothes (YAY).

 My outfit was pretty simple: a grey cardigan, a lovely peachy lace top and black/grey look soft trousers. I am also wearing "invisible" socks that I would 100% recommend to anyone who wears pumps or dolly shoes.
The makeup I wore today was pretty simple but some days that's all you need! I also needed to make sure i wore foundation to match my face with my tan (I didn't want to apply the fake tan to my face, but I'm tempted to next time).
 The foundation I wore was Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is a foundation that I have a love/hate relationship with like many other people, but after accidentally buying a darker shade this is perfect for my tan! i might have to go into Mac or find another foundation that will suit me for when I am darker. This did last quite a long time and I feel did the job quite well although I don't at all think it "wakes me up - my skin obviously).
 The concealer I used today was the Rimmel Wake Me Up, I used this only because it matches the foundation. In all honestly this concealer is a bit meh, it isn't as good as my Laura Mercier secret concealer or my erase concealer from Maybelline but anything that will help cover my dark circles! (suggestions please)
The mascara I used today was the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara. Again, this is definitely a non repurchase, the brush is awful and makes my lashes clump up on times! I used it this morning to see if my opinion had changed and unfortunately it had not. Next time i think i am going to invest in Benefits They're Real or something similar.

Ah my beloved Mac, this has got to be in my top 5 Mac purchases. In case you didn't know what it was its the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin finish/ Highlighter. I love the product for its texture, the way you hardly need nothing at all but can achieve a highlighted look extremely easy. Also, you do get a lot of product for your money and that's what they great thing I and definitely worth investing in.
I used this all over my face to achieve a bronzed look to match my tan and its Mac's Mineralize Skin finish Natural in Medium Dark. Again, you can see how much I use this product from the product missing in the middle. I can truthfully say this is worth every penny because I have had it a lot longer than I probably should, but as long as it doesn't go green or start to smell I will use it until it has all gone! this is also perfecting for contouring as its easily blendable
For my eye shadow I used the Loreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow quad, I really like this because it has everything you need to achieve an easy smoky eyed look. The eye shadows are easily blendable and are quite pigmented considering the price. This will definitely be a repurchase and i might even look at what other colours they have available.
The final thing I wore today was my Evas Nude Lipstick by Loreal, I really like this lipstick because it suits me when I have a tan and when I am pale. Also, its really easy to put with any make up look because it will go with almost everything. Although it does need to be reapplied throughout the day its worth it for the colour you achieve.

Please comment below if you use any of the products, or if you have any recommendations for me

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan review

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan review 

So when I was on holiday I just couldn't resist the offer of the Cocoa Brown tan from Marissa Carter for only £7.00, it was a complete bargain price for such an amazing product that will now be added to my beauty regime. Now let me tell you, I am pale (NW15, Ivory ect ect)! so when ive looked at tan in the past ive been super scared that it'll just end up horribly wrong and that ill end up orange. However, from the photos below you can see that in fact I am NOT orange but have a light/medium brown tan. 

The appearance of the bottle seems pretty minimalistic, but easily recognisable in the bright pink bottle. The product comes out in a mousse, which when put on the mitt looks quite pale however the product continues to darken on your skin for three hours. In case you didn't know on the bottle it recommends that once you apply it all over you then leave it for one hour (I left it for two) and then you get into the shower and lightly rinse it off. You can then fully see how the product has fake tanned your skin.

Prep work

As you can imagine, your skin needs to be in the proper condition before you apply fake tan to insure it looks its best. 
              There are a number of products/things you can use to achieve this and I have included                 a photograph below:
- A Tanning Mitt to help you apply the mousse to your skin evenly and to prevent the awful looking orange palms.

-A Body scrub (mines soap and glory)to buff away all the dry skin especially around your elbows and ankles as dry skin seems to pick up more fake tan than regular skin casing an uneven application.

- A body moisturiser/butter (mines the daily smooth- Soap and Glory) to smooth out your skin. Make sure that it has fully sunk in before applying the tan.

- A nail varnish (mines Barry M Gelly in Lychee)  to apply to your nails on your hands and feet to prevent the tan from going on your nail bed.

-  Some cotton wool to apply the fake tan to your face, hands and feet as these places require less tan.

- Finally something I forgot to add into the photograph (slaps hand) is Vaseline to apply to your eyebrows and hairline to prevent discolouration.  


So the application is extremely easy, you add the mousse onto the tanning mitt and apply it in a circular motion until the right amount is even all over your body. I also got my mum to add the tan onto my back because I cannot reach to do it myself. The bottle says "1 hour tan", but I left mine on for two hours (the maximum is three) before rinsing it off in the shower without using shower gel or body scrub. You can then get on with your day without worrying about the tan!

The Results!!
I really cant get over how happy I am with the results considering the price tag (so much cheaper than St Tropez) and i will DEFINITELY be repurchasing in the future. So without further or do, here are the results: 

voilà! ps. sorry for my cats tail in the right photo, she likes to get in on the action.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Superdrug Haul

Superdrug Haul

So when i went to Torquay on my holiday i stopped in the local Superdrug to see what i could find and i wasn't disappointed with the bargains that i found! I purchased 3 for 2 on L'Oreal Products: Colour Riche les ombres eye shadow quad, Colour Riche Collection Privee in Evas Nude and the Infallible 24 hour foundation.

   Firstly the Colour Riche eye shadow quad in beloved nude (The sticker came off but ive searched online):

                                                 This eye shadow palette really appealed to me because i really like neutral colours and creating the smokey eye look which i can create from this. it has a creamy base, a sliver for the outer c or v and a bronze which you can blend into the crease. It retails for £7.99 which is inexpensive considering that you get four eye shadows that are quite pigmented. 

Next is the Colour Riche Collection Evas Nude lipstick:  

 This lipstick is a lovely pinky nude colour that i think will suit most skin tones. Also, it is a true to colour shade with some shimmer but not overpowering which is what I look for most. The packaging is quite nice apart from the lid which has to have the block clicked into it. I am yet to try out the other colours in this range but from using this one i think I might pick some up soon. It  also retails at £8.19 which isn't going to break the bank for such a lovely colour!

Finally the last thing I purchased was the fallible 24 hour foundation in the shade 120 Vanilla. 

This foundation "fights the makeup meltdown" meaning that your makeup wont be going south by evening. However, that seems a pretty strong statement to me and although it does last a long time I wouldn't say that it would last you all night. This foundation was extremely easy to apply and was high coverage which is perfect when you want to hide any imperfections. I would recommend this as it seems a good all round foundation and they seem to have a good colour range. It was also £9.99 in Superdrug.

That's all i bought, but if you have tried any of these leave your thoughts below :)