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Glossy Box June edition 2013. My first box!

Hello and welcome to my first blog about Glossy Box, in this blog i will be showing the products I received as well as my opinions and where you can buy the products.

I was debating for ages on whether I wanted to purchase a Glossy Box (I am currently still subscribed and loving it). So, when i finally decided to buy one i was quite pessimistic on how it may turn out. However, to my surprise I was greeted one morning with a lovely box and a cheery postie (yay). and let me tell you it was like Christmas had come early! It's the feeling of not knowing what you're going to get that month and being able to look forward to it.

So without further or do I will do a little unboxing of it for you all:

This is the design on the normal Glossy Box for if they haven't came up with a themed idea. As soon as I saw this box I knew it was going to be good. The box isn't just made from cardboard it has a luxurious feel to it and the box feels silky smooth in a light pink colour. This box was in July and it was technically "summer" they did a summer looks magazine which explains what the products are, how much they are and also where to buy them from.

I will now get to the exciting Christmas part and show you what was inside my box. the items are covered by the black tissue paper so you can't see what's inside, but obviously i have pulled it back so you can!
The contents inside the box were:
Helen E Cosmetics lip liner 1.3g for £8
Figs and Rouge Coco rose lip balm 12.5ml for £8
Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser 50ml for £8.99
Paul Mitchell curls leave in treatment 200ml for £14.95 (I have the full size)
Nails Inc Portobello nail varnish 10ml for £11 (and again i received sample size)

Helen E cosmetics lip liner:

This Lip liner is from a beauty range that I have never heard of before receiving this product, but I will be interested in finding out more after having this. I have swatched the colour so you guys can have a look yourself. The colour is like a dark pink with shades of brown, but it looks really nice on the lips i can assure you. For the price and the fact that i don't usually wear lip liners it's quite expensive at £8 from www.helen-
Figs and Rouge Coco rose lip balm:

Okay, so this probably had to be my second faviourte thing in this box, here we have the Figs and Rouge Coco rose lip balm. First of all the packaging means quite a lot to me and this is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, also not only that but the way you apply it and the applicator is useful if you worry about germs because you wont be able to get any around the rim! next, moving on the smell of this product is amazing, but if you aren't a fan of roses you may not like the smell (sad face). this product left my lips feeling really soft and also made them look so pretty by adding a pink shimmer to them. You can pick this up at: for £5 what a bargain, amazing.

Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser:

This was by far my faviourte product, and is still my faviourte moisturiser of all time. Okay so, this is by the brand Organic surge and is made with all natural things to make your skin feel amazing and not dehydrating (wow). I have also been using this as a primer and applying foundation over the top and it glides over this. Another amazing thing is that the price is so INexpensive retailing in at £8.99 for 50ml from So, if you're looking for a new moisturiser and your skin feels dry or if you want to try something new I would definitely recommend this.

 Paul Mitchell curls leave in treatment:

This is a leave in treatment from Paul Mitchell curls range. I have not used this one because I used the wave treatment (I have dead straight hair), but me being me thought that it would give me curls. Apparently not what was left was a sticky mess so bad i had to wash my hair twice and it still made my hair feel super heavy and horrible. Although, I'm sure if you have curly hair this would work wonders and make them look beautiful. Also, the price is quite expensive retailing at £14.95 for 200ml ouch. 

Nails Inc Portobello nail varnish 10ml

This is a nail varnish from Nails Inc and I have never bought a nail varnish from that brand before, but I have to say I am quite impressed as you can see the colour is true, it doesn't chip, it lasts for quite a while and was a good summery colour. Although you only get a sample size it has lasted me quite a while and I think that I would like to see more colours from Nails inc. you can buy the full size product for £11 and you get 10ml

That's it from my first ever blog, so I hope it was okay and if you would like to see more please email me suggestions at: I have also had Glossy Boxes up until the month we are in so i could easily carry on doing more or make up/ beauty related things!

Cheers guys, 
Holly Lowe x 

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