Sunday, 29 September 2013

How to do Ombre nails (dip dye with nail varnish)

Ombre nails

Here I will show you how to do Ombre nails of any colour (I used white and grey).

What you will need:
-  A varied choice of colours that are either different shades of the same colour or be daring and go wild!
- A sponge (a bathroom one is fine or one from the kitchen)
- Sellotape if you wish to tape round your nails
- Nail varnish remover

Step one: paint your nails the lightest of the colours you are going to use (mines white).

Step two: cut and shape the sponge to the size of your nails and then apply the nail varnish to the sponge in the order that you want it to turn out.

 Step three: press the sponge against your nail and move it forwards and backwards until you get the desired look. You can add more nail varnish if you need to.

After doing all of my nails this is what mine looked like (it gets very messy):

Step Four: Remove the excess nail varnish with remover and a cotton bud. Next, add a top coat to make it last and look shiny.

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY, I really think it makes nails look fab with the right colours and looks unique! I'd love you to share with me your designs as id love some inspiration

Cheers guys,
Holly Lowe x

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